young blonde woman dressed impeccably in black Mens On Feet Adidas Adria Ps Wc Black Red Sneakersand white who rises to greet me. ;Miss Steele, could you wait here, please?rdquo; She points to a seated area of Mens On Feet Adidas Adria Ps Wc Blue Red White Sneakerswhite leather chairs.Behind the leather chairs is a spacious glass-walled meeting room with an equally spacious dark wood table and at least twenty matching chairs around it. Beyond that, there is a floor-to-ceiling window with a view of the Seattle skyline that Mens On Feet Adidas Adria Ps Wc Grey Yellow Red Sneakerslooks out through the city toward the Sound. Itrsquo;s a stunning vista, and Irsquo;m momentarily paralyzed by the view. Wow.I sit down, fish the questions from my satchel, and go through them, inwardly curs-ing Kate for not providing me with a brief biography. I know nothing abou


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