The Payza card is a system designed for those who already have an account in this electronic wallet.With the Payza card, you can access the funds in your electronic wallet quickly and conveniently, no matter where they are in the world. Allows members to instantly load the money from their electronic wallet and use it in terminal devices selling points or withdraw money at any ATM associated with VISA. Members of the payza card can charge a maximum of $ 5,000 CAD or USD to their Payza card directly from their virtual account. They can be used in any store where they accept VISA credit cards. In addition, this product allows you to make purchases online anywhere in the world, without exposing your personal information.To protect consumers when making purchases, the cards are protected by a PIN code. Before making a purchase at the store, the user must enter the PIN code to confirm their identity. As Payza cardholders you have all the advantages of having a prepaid card, and there are no monthly payments or interest.


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